184th Meeting, Chicago, IL, 8-11 May 2023

P&P TC Meeting Slides – 9 May 2023

183rd Meeting, Nashville, TN, 5-9 December 2022

P&P TC Meeting Slides – 7 Dec 2022

182nd Meeting, Denver, CO, May 23-27 2022

Special Sessions

  • Age-related changes in mechanisms of speech perception (Pam Souza and Monita Chatterjee)
  • Hartmann Prize Lecture (Philip Joris)

P&P TC Meeting Slides – 24 May 2022

181st Meeting, Seattle, WA, Nov 29-Dec 3 2021

Special Sessions

  • Machine learning approaches to understanding auditory processing and perception (Sarah Verhulst and Josh McDermott)
  • Acoustics outreach to student scientists in clinical and physiological research (Kelly Whiteford and Anahita Mehta)
  • Top-down influences on auditory processing (Bonnie Lau and Andrew Dykstra)
  • Challenges and opportunities in technology for remote and virtual testing (Anna Diedesch and Axel Ahrens)
  • Auditory perception of stationary and moving sounds (with AB; Ela Warnecke and Cindy Moss)

  • Open Source Audio Processing Platform Challenge Results (Odile Clavier)
  • Hartmann Prize Lecture (Edwin Rubel)

P&P TC Meeting Slides – 30 Nov 2021

180th Meeting, Acoustics in Focus, June 8-10 2021

Focused Presentation Session: Linking Psychological and Physiological Acoustics

Workshop: Open Source Audio Processing Platform – Live Workshop!

Co-Sponsored Special Sessions:

  • Architectural Acoustics: Sound in Cultural Contexts: Human Soundmaking and Perception in Built and Unbuilt Environments

  • Education in Acoustics: Reflections on Teaching Acoustics During a Pandemic

  • Noise: Non-occupational Noise and Hearing Loss

  • Noise: Soundscape Projects: Networking, Participation, and New Technology

  • Speech Communication: Ideas Worth Reconsidering in Speech Perception and Production

  • Speech Communication: Teaching Speech and Hearing Science to Undergraduates

  • Speech Communication: Testing Intelligibility Remotely / Remote Data Collection

P&P TC Meeting Slides – 8 June 2021

179th Meeting, Acoustics Virtually Everywhere, Dec 11-17 2020

Special Sessions

  • Honoring William Yost’s Contributions to Psychological Acoustics. Organized by Robert Lutfi.

P&P TC Meeting Slides – 8 Dec 2020

 Virtual Meeting, May 11-15 2020

PPTC Virtual Meeting Slides

178th Meeting, San Diego, CA, Dec 2-6 2019

PPTC Meeting San Diego, CA Slides

177th Meeting, Louisville, KY, May 13-17 2019

Special Sessions

  • Acoustics Outreach to Budding Scientists: Planting Seeds for Future Clinical and Physiological Collaborations (Joint with Education in Acoustics) Organized by: Kelly Whiteford, Anahita Mehta
  • Applications of Signal Detection Theory in Perception and Physiology (Joint with Speech Communication, Signal Processing in Acoustics) Organized by: Jennifer Lentz, Christopher Conroy
  • Context Effects in Speech Perception (Joint with Speech Communication) Organized by: Christian Stilp, Matthew Winn
  • Cultivating New Growth by Composting Old Ideas: Pruning the Deadwood from the Garden of Psychological and Physiological Acoustics (Joint with Education in Acoustics) Organized by: G. Christopher Stecker
  • Diversity in Auditory Perception and Speech Communication (Joint with Speech Communication, Education in Acoustics) Organized by: Kelly Whiteford, Anahita Mehta, Dom Bouavichith, Evelyn Hoglund
  • Physiology Meets Perception (Joint with Speech Communication) Organized by: Sarah Verhulst, Antje Ihlefeld, Anna Diedesch, Amanda Lauer

PPTC Meeting Louisville, KY Slides  

Annual Report 2019

176th Meeting, Victoria, BC, November 5-9 2018

Special Sessions

  • Acoustics Outreach: Linking Physiology and Behavior for Future Collaborations. Organized by: Amanda Lauer, Anna Diedesch
  • Music, Speech, and the Brain (Joint with Speech Communication, Musical Acoustics). Organized by: Christina Zhao, Patricia Kuhl
  • Parsing Limitations on Auditory Spatial Acuity. Organized by: Andrew Brown
  • Speech Perception in Children with Auditory Prostheses (Joint with Speech Communication). Organized by: Mishaela DiNino, Kelly Jahn

PPTC Meeting Victoria, BC Slides

PPTC Meeting Victoria Minutes

175th Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, May 7-11 2018

Special Sessions

  • A tutorial lecture on “Hearing Loss and the Future of Auditory Implants” presented by Andrew Oxenham
  • Honoring the contributions of David Kemp to the discovery of otoacoustic emissions and their utility for assessing hearing function
  • Hartmann Prize Lecture: Shihab Shamma
  • Acoustics Outreach: Planting Seeds for Future Clinical and Physiological Collaborations ’18
  • Phase locking and rate limits in electric hearing
  • Honoring Neal Viemeister’s contributions to psychoacoustics
  • Physiology meets perception
  • Future directions for hearing aids: multi-sensor, user-informed and environment-aware
  • Consequences of asymmetrical hearing

 PP_TC_Meeting_Minneapolis 5.8.18

Annual Report 2018

174th Meeting, New Orleans, LA, Dec 4-8 2018

NOLA 2017 PP TC Meeting


Acoustics ’17 Boston in Boston, MA, USA

Special Sessions

  • A Celebration of Nat Durlach and His Contributions to Sensory Communications
  • Acoustics Outreach to Budding Scientists: Planting Seeds for Future Clinical and Physiological Collaborations
  • Auditory Cognition and Scene Analysis in Complex Environments
  • History of Psychoacoustics in the Period 1900-1950
  • Honoring the Contributions of Louis Braida to the Study of Auditory and Speech Perception
  • Models and Reproducible Research
  • Perception of Synthetic Sound Fields
  • Perceptual Weights and Cue Integration in Hearing: Loudness, Binaural Hearing, Motion Perception, and Beyond
  • Physiology Meets Perception
  • Speech Intelligibility and Spatial Hearing in Adverse and Realistic Environments


Annual Report 2017 [JASA 142(3)]

172nd Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, 28 Nov – 2 Dec 2016

Special Sessions

  • Binaural Processing and Localization
  • Gap Detection: New Perspectives from Neuroscience, Perception, and Modelling (Joint session with Speech Communication)
  • Linking Human Physiology with Psychoacoustics – From Brainstem to Cortical Measurements and Beyond
  • Perspectives of Research in Overlooked Hearing Problems (Joint with Speech Communication)
  • Pitch and Timbre
  • Recent Progress in Auditory Perceptual Organization Studies
  • Spatial Hearing and its Applications

171st Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, 23-27 May 2016

Special Sessions

  • Acoustics Outreach to Budding Scientists: Planting Seeds for Future Clinical and Physiological Collaborations.
  • Beyond the Audiogram: Influence of Supra-Threshold Deficits
  • Lessons from Interrupted Speech: Methods and Models
  • Quantitative Methodology in both Physiological and Psychophysical Data Analysis Workshop
  • Source Separation for Noise Reduction

169th Meeting, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 18-22 May, 2015

Special Sessions

  • Celebration of the Modern Cochlear Implant and the First Substantial Restoration of a Human Sense Using a Medical Intervention
  • Spatial Hearing and Localization
  • Influence of Visual Cues on Auditory Perception
  • Physiology, Behavior, and Modeling: From Middle-Ear to Mid-Brain

168th Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana, 27-31 October, 2014

Special Sessions

  • Physiological and Psychological Aspects of Central Auditory Processing Dysfunction
  • Perceptual and Physiological Mechanisms, Modeling, and Assessment

167th Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island, 5-9 May, 2014

Special Sessions

  • From Protection to Perception
  • Temporal Processing, Compression, and Cochlear Implants: Session in Honor of Sid P. Bacon
  • Scientific Catalyst, Collaborator, and Gadfly: Honoring the Contributions of Tino (Constantine) Trahiotis to the Understanding of Binaural Auditory Processing
  • Diagnostics of the Pathological Middle Ear by Wideband Acoustic Impedance/Reflectance Measures
  • Cambridge Contributions to Auditory Science: The Moore-Patterson Legacy
  • Role of Medial Olivocochlear Efferents in Auditory Function

166th Meeting, San Francisco, California, 2-6 December, 2013

Special Sessions

  • Building a Stairway to Hearing
  • The Ear Club: Honoring Ervin R. Hafter and His Contributions to the Study of Binaural Processing and Auditory Cognition

21st International Congress on Acoustics, Montreal, Canada, 2-7 June, 2013

Special Sessions

  • In Memory of Bertram Scharf: Five Decades of Contributions to Auditory Perception
  • Binaural Hearing and Binaural Techniques
  • Celebrating a “Long” Career: Explorations of Auditory Physiology and Psychoacoustics
  • Multimodal Influences on Auditory Spatial Perception
  • Biomechanics of Hearing
  • Computational Modeling of Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Models and Applications
  • Recent Trends in Psychoacoustics

164th Meeting, Kansas City, Missouri, 22-26 October, 2012

Special Sessions

  • Perception and Models

Acoustics 2012, Hong Kong, China, 13-18 May, 2012

Special Sessions

  • Open Challenges in Auditory Scene Analysis
  • Binaural Hearing and Cochlear Mechanics
  • Release from Masking in Listeners with Normal and Impaired Hearing
  • Cortical Neuroimaging Techniques in Auditory Perception and Cognition
  • Current Issues in Auditory Cortex Physiology
  • Psychological and Physiological Basis of Tonal Language Processing
  • Subjective Evaluation and Auditory Perception

162nd Meeting, San Diego, California, 31 October-4 November, 2011

Special Sessions

  • Perceptual Aspects of Sound

161st Meeting, Seattle, Washington, 23-27 May, 2011

Special Sessions

  • Cochlear Models and Psychoacoustics of Speech
  • Advances in Auditory Development
  • Comparative Approaches to Peripheral Auditory Function
  • Audio-Tactile Interactions: Recent Anatomical, Physiological, and Perceptual Research
  • Psychophysical and Physiological Sensitivity to Interaural Level Differences
  • Assessment and Consequences of Hearing Loss