P&P Virtual Journal Club

The P&P Virtual Journal Club is an interactive monthly event which spotlights one article from the most recent issue of JASA. During these meetings, one of the authors of the article provides a brief introduction, before it is opened up for discussion among the participants. The goal of this initiative is to provide a new avenue for interaction within the ASA community, especially now while we have no in-person meetings, and bring attention to recently published work in P&P.

For questions or feedback related to the P&P Virtual Journal Club please contact us at: journalclub@tcppasa.org.

Featured articles:

1) September 1 2020. “Infants’ use of isolated and combined temporal cues in speech sound segregation” by Monika-Maria Oster and Lynne Werner. 

2) September 29 2020. “Binaural spatial adaptation as a mechanism for asymmetric trading of interaural time and level differences” by Travis M. Moore, Erin M. Picou, Benjamin W. Y. Hornsby, Frederick J. Gallun and G. Christopher Stecker.

3) October 30 2020. “Attenuation characteristics of an extended-wear hearing aid: Impulse and continuous noise” by Douglas S. Brungart, Nathaniel J. Spencer, Nina Pryor, Nourhan Abouzahra, Elizabeth A. McKenna, and Nandini Iyer.

4) December 3 2020. “Informational masking of speech depends on masker spectro-temporal variation but not on its coherence” by Brian Roberts and Robert J. Summers.

5) January 23 2021. “How electrically evoked compound action potentials in chronically implanted guinea pigs relate to auditory nerve health and electrode impedance” by Kara C. Schvartz-Leyzac, Deborah J. Colesa, Christopher J. Buswinka, Andrew M. Rabah, Donald L. Swiderski, Yehoash Raphael and Bryan E. Pfingst.

6) March 12 2021. “Pitch perception at very high frequencies: On psychometric functions and integration of frequency information” by Hedwig E. Gockel, Brian C. J. Moore and Robert P. Carlyon.

7) April 13 2021. “Access to semantic cues does not lead to perceptual restoration of interrupted speech in cochlear-implant users” by Brittany N. Jaekel, Sarah Weinstein, Rochelle S. Newman and Matthew J. Goupell.

8) May 20 2021. “Speech intelligibility in a realistic virtual sound environment” by Naim Mansour, Marton Marschall, Tobias May, Adam Westermann and Torsten Dau.

9) June 29 2021. “Informational masking in the modulation domain” by Christopher Conroy and Gerald Kidd, Jr.

10) August 25 2021. “Effects of interaural decoherence on sensitivity to interaural level differences across frequency” by Andrew Brown and Daniel Tollin.

11) November 5 2021. “Humans attend to signal duration but not temporal structure for sound detection: Steady-state versus pulse-train signals” by Beverly Wright and Huanping Dai.

12) January 12 2022. “Spatial release from masking in reverberation for school-age children” by Ellen Peng, Florian Pausch and Janina Fels. 

13) February 22 2022. “Temporal fine structure influences voicing confusions for consonant identification in multi-talker babble” by Vibha Viswanathan, Barbara Shinn-Cunningham and Michael Heinz.

14) April 5 2022. “Probing temporal modulation detection in white noise using intrinsic envelope fluctuations: A reverse-correlation study” by Léo Varnet and Christian Lorenzi.

15) May 19 2022. “Voice disadvantage effects in absolute and relative pitch judgments” by Zi Gao and Andrew Oxenham.

16) June 28 2022. “Spectral weighting functions for lateralization and localization of complex sound” by Monica L. Folkerts and G. Christopher Stecker.

17) September 22 2022. “Auditory grouping is necessary to understand interrupted mosaic speech stimuli” by Kazuo Ueda, Hiroshige Takeichi and Kohei Wakamiya.

18) November 29 2022. “Estimated cochlear neural degeneration is associated with loudness hypersensitivity in individuals with normal audiograms” by Kelly N. Jahn, Kenneth E. Hancock, Stéphane F. Maison and Daniel B. Polley.

19) January 23 2023. “Asymmetric temporal envelope sensitivity: Within- and across-ear envelope comparisons in listeners with bilateral cochlear implants” by Sean R. Anderson, Alan Kan and Ruth Y. Litovsky.


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