Breaking News!

Glenis Long will be awarded the 2019 William and Christine Hartmann Prize in Auditory Neuroscience!

Barbara Shinn-Cunningham will be awarded the 2019 Helmholtz-Rayleigh Interdisciplinary Silver Medal!

Both awards will be presented at the May 2019 meeting in Louisville!

Congratulations! Spread the word!!


Louisville Sessions of interest to PP TC Members include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:


Acoustics Outreach to Budding Scientists: Planting Seeds for Future Clinical and Physiological Collaborations (Joint with Education in Acoustics) Organized by: Kelly Whiteford, Anahita Mehta
The goal of this invited session is to increase ASA attendance from students and post docs whose work relates to both clinical and physiology research 

Applications of Signal Detection Theory in Perception and Physiology (Joint with Speech Communication, Signal Processing in Acoustics) Organized by: Jennifer Lentz, Christopher Conroy
–Session relating history of psychoacoustics to current work in physiological and psychoacoustical research and modeling, with a focus on the representation and perception of complex sounds

Context Effects in Speech Perception (Joint with Speech Communication) Organized by: Christian Stilp, Matthew Winn
–Examinations of different influences of context on speech recognition, from the acoustic to the psychological 

Cultivating New Growth by Composting Old Ideas: Pruning the Deadwood from the Garden of Psychological and Physiological Acoustics (Joint with Education in Acoustics) Organized by: G. Christopher Stecker
–Critical re-examination of long-standing ideas in the field and alternative considerations in the form of new frameworks, approaches, and interpretations

Diversity in Auditory Perception and Speech Communication (Joint with Speech Communication, Education in Acoustics) Organized by: Kelly Whiteford, Anahita Mehta, Dom Bouavichith, Evelyn Hoglund
–Diversity of factors that influence speech communication and perception with the goal to make progress toward ensuring that research populations discussed within ASA reflect the diversity of people in the general population 

Physiology Meets Perception (Joint with Speech Communication) Organized by: Sarah Verhulst, Antje Ihlefeld, Anna Diedesch, Amanda Lauer
–Recent research combining different physiological (e.g., neural correlates, otoacoustic emissions, or neural imaging) and/or behavioral approaches in the same species. Speakers come from a diverse range of research backgrounds and will discuss how the combination of different approaches in the same species benefits their research, ranging from auditory coding mechanisms and audiometry to speech intelligibility and attention


Acoustic Phonetic Properties of Infant-and-Child Directed Speech (Joint with Psychological and Physiological Acoustics) Organized by: Mark VanDam, Laura Dilley
–Studies of the acoustic properties of the speech signal directed to infants and young children, especially how these properties may vary as a function of characteristics of the speaker and addressee, including but not limited to age, communication abilities, and language experience


Polyphonic Pitch Perception and Analysis (Joint with Psychological and Physiological Acoustics, Signal Processing in Acoustics) Organized by: Jonas Braasch, Torben Pastore
–Perceiving pitches of multiple sources, the role of pitch in source segregation and the modeling of complex pitch phenomena


Acoustic Vehicle Alerts: Effects on Soundscape, Quality of Life, and Traffic Safety (Joint with Psychological and Physiological Acoustics) Organized by: Jeanine Botta, Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp
–An exploration of vehicle alerts such as horn sounds and electronic signals that serve as status reports throughout shared spaces including residential neighborhoods, urban settings, and national parks

Advances and Applications in Sound Quality Metrics Measurements (Joint with Signal Processing in Acoustics, Psychological and Physiological Acoustics) Organized by: Hales Swift, Patricia Davies
–Recent activities in sound quality metric development as well as their application and related matters of policy or standardization


Battlefield Acoustics (Joint with Signal Processing in Acoustics, Structural Acoustics and Vibration, Noise, Psychological and Physiological Acoustics, Biomedical Acoustics, Speech Communication) Organized by: Gregory Lyons, W. C. Kirkpatrick Alberts, II
–Challenges in acoustics encountered in complex military environments