Elected Members of the P&P Technical Committee


Chair 2020-2023

Virginia (Gin) Best

Term 2018 – 2021

Michael Akeroyd, Anna Diedesch, Richard Freyman, Antje Ihlefeld, Alan Kan, Elin Roverud

Term 2019 – 2022

Douglas Brungart, David Eddins, Ruth Litovsky, Virginia Richards, G. Christopher Stecker, Kelly Whiteford

Term 2020 – 2023

Magdalena Wojtczak, Pavel Zahorik, Yi Shen, Erol Ozmeral, Jungmee Lee, Deniz Baskent

P&P Subcommittees


Task Force on Remote Testing

Chair: Chris Stecker


The ASA P&P Task Force on Remote Testing was initiated in May 2020. The Task Force goals are to identify and describe the opportunities and challenges for remote testing for psychological and physiological acoustics, including audiological, speech, language, and hearing research.



P&P Virtual Journal Club Subcommittee

Members: Erol Ozmeral, Anna Diedesch, Chris Conroy, Erick Gallun, Gin Best

The P&P Virtual Journal Club was initiated in July 2020. It aims to to promote more frequent engagement by P&P members and to increase awareness of recently published articles in JASA. 



P&P Members Serving ASA


Diane Kewley-Port: President

Peggy Nelson: Immediate Past Vice President

Brian C.J. Moore: Executive Council

Judy Dubno: Treasurer

Elizabeth Strickland: Membership (Chair)

Brenda Lonsbury-Martin: Medals and Awards (Chair)

Lori Leibold: member of Membership Committee

Andrew Oxenham: member of the Medals and Awards Committee

Michael L. Smith: member of Student Council

Skyler Jennings: member of ASACOS


Associate Editors for JASA, JASA-EL and POMA