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The ASA PP Task Force on Remote Testing was initiated in May 2020 under direction of PP TC Chair Gin Best. #ASA #PPTC

Task Force goals

To identify and describe the opportunities and challenges for remote testing for psychological and physiological acoustics, including audiological, speech, language, and hearing research.

Task Force activities and approach

Initial activities of the task force center around two goals: First, to generate an online resource (this Wiki) discussing the various issues related to remote testing and, where possible, identifying best practices. Second, to characterize a range of potential solutions / platforms for conducting research via remote testing. Such platforms include fully online browser-based listening tests, downloadable software, and shippable "take-home" devices. To ensure a systematic and comprehensive evaluation of platform capabilities, The Task Force will develop an online survey tool for collecting standardized information about each candidate platform.

Task Force members

  • G. Christopher Stecker, Boys Town National Research Hospital (chair)
  • Emily Buss, University of North Carolina
  • Erick Gallun, Oregon Health and Science University
  • Hari Bharadwaj, Purdue University
  • Richard Freyman, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Virginia M. Richards, University of California Irvine
  • Lincoln Gray, James Madison University
  • Jonathan Venezia, VA Loma Linda
  • Andrew Dykstra, Miami University
  • Eric Hoover, University of Maryland
  • Daniel Shub, Walter Reed Medical Center
  • Matthew Winn, University of Minnesota
  • Yi Shen, University of Washington
  • Adam Bosen, Boys Town National Research Hospital
  • Anna Diedesch, Western Washington University
  • Thomas Koelewijn, University of Groeningen
  • Ray Goldsworthy, University of Southern California
  • Ellen Peng, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Juraj Mesik, University of Minnesota
  • Jordan Beim, University of Minnesota
  • Antje Ihlefeld, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Claire Dorey, University of Florida
  • Meredith Braza, University of North Carolina
  • Judy Kopun, Boys Town National Research Hospital
  • Sebastian Waz, University of California Irvine

Advisory members

  • Virginia Best, Boston University
  • Deniz Baskent, University of Groeningen
  • Andrew Oxenham, University of Minnesota
  • Magdalena Wojtczak, University of Minnesota


You can email the task force at <remotetesting at spatialhearing.org>

Presentations about this effort

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