Preferences for access keys and edit form

This page can be used as template for (personal) preferences, or set as default site preference (see below).

  # Access keys - hold Alt (Windows IE), Shift + Alt (Firefox)  # or Control (Mac) and tap the indicated key on your keyboard  # to trigger the corresponding action.#  'ak_view'          => '' ,         # view page  'ak_edit'          => 'e',         # edit page  'ak_history'       => 'h',         # page history#  'ak_print'         => '',          # print view of page  'ak_recentchanges' => 'c',         # Recent Changes  'ak_save'          => 's',         # save page  'ak_saveedit'      => 'u',         # save and keep editing  'ak_savedraft'     => 'd',         # save as draft  'ak_preview'       => 'p',         # preview page  'ak_textedit'      => ','          # focus to edit textarea (at the end)  'ak_em'            => 'i',         # emphasized text (italic)  'ak_strong'        => 'b',         # strong text (bold)#  'ak_attach'        => '',          # attach a file#  'ak_backlinks'     => '',          # show backlinks#  'ak_logout'        => '',          # log out  # Editing components  'e_rows' => '20',                  # rows in edit textarea  'e_cols' => '70',                  # columns in edit textarea  'Site.EditForm' => 'Site.EditForm' # location of EditForm

To create personal user (browser) preferences,

  • make a copy of this page somewhere, preferably as Profiles.insert_your_name_here-Preferences
  • edit that page with your new preferred settings,
  • select Set Preferences of this Page on the page containing your newly created settings.

This sets a preference cookie on your browser which tells PmWiki where to find your personal preference settings.

To revert to the PmWiki default preferences

See also Cookbook:UserConfigurations about how to customise the edit form for personal use.

Note that by default, parsing of Site.Preferences is disabled. To make it the default site preference, add

 XLPage('prefs', "Site.Preferences");

to a config file (e.g. local/config.php).

To disable user preferences entirely set $EnablePrefs = 0;