The Task Force has developed on online survey tool intended to gather information about the capabilities of various remote-testing platforms in a systematic way. This platform survey was used to populate the comparison tables available in the Platforms section of this Wiki.

Because new platforms are developed, and new capabilities added, the platform survey remains open to new submissions for incorporation into the Platform data. Please consider submitting a new survey if you have updated information about an existing or new platform. The survey tool can also be used to correct any errors you find in the existing entries. All submissions will be reviewed by task force members and incorporated into the Wiki content as appropriate.

The platform survey is open to reviews of all types of platforms which might be of interest to ASA PP investigators, whether the platforms are intended primarily for perceptual, cognitive, or other research (e.g. marketing), clinical / telehealth applications, or other types of remote data collection (e.g. noise exposure monitoring).

Readers are invited to use the survey by following the link below. Please provide your name and contact information in case there are followup questions, but otherwise feel free to complete only those survey questions relevant to the information you want to provide. (I.e. don’t feel obligated to complete every survey question if the requested information already exists, etc.)

*Submit new data to the Platform Survey*