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Platform When is internet connectivity required during testing? Specify any details necessary to clarify interactions between responses
Cognition.Run At login, During testing  
Django   Connectivity is required for any interaction between browser and server (e.g., loading experiment to browser, saving data, progressing through study flow).
Gorilla At login, During testing Internet is required for participants at all times during testing. For investigators, internet is required for all times during experiment building, recruitment monitoring, and data download.
hearX At login, During testing, After testing Needs to be connected to the internet if clinician/researcher wishes to access data.
Jacoti   Testing is accomplished via apps. Internet is required to download the apps to users phone or iPad and for data to be stored to the cloud. It is unclear if the data is saved in real time or after the test is complete. The only test available is a pure tone audiogram. Audiogram can be transferred manually to apple Health app.
jspsych   Internet connectivity is needed for the subject’s browser to download the javascript and stimulus files from wherever the experiment is served. Once the JavaScript and stimuli are downloaded, no connectivity is needed for running the experiment itself. However, connectivity will be needed whenever the experiment code (programmer dependent) makes server requests to save data — the typical use case is that this would happen at the end of the experiment.
MATLAB At login,During testing
PART/BGC Science After testing It depends on how one wants to get the data, but for initial download and setup, for updates, and then after testing for data to be uploaded is most typical.
SHOEBOX Not specified. Documentation states "Automatic back-up from the iPads." Internet would be needed to back-up data from iPads to a central data management system, but this is not specifically stated in the documentation.
TabSINT Not at all
TeamHearing At login, During testing, After testing Connection needed to access resources and to save data.

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