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Calibrated take-home experiment w/ participant experience survey (BTNRH)

This project involved categorical loudness measurements requiring precise calibration of the headphones. Consequently, we delivered and picked up equipment including a laptop, microphone, ipod and headphones. The procedure required the participant to calibrate the headphones and make ambient noise measurements in between loudness runs. We included a binder with a detailed set of instructions that included photos. After e-consenting we stayed on the Zoom call to help participants through the calibration procedure and explain the loudness measurement, then left it up to them to run the experiment on their own.

These results are for 10 participants. These were people who had previously participated in a similar study in our lab or were research staff members and their families.

Survey revealed no strong preference for in-lab vs. remote research. Most participants rated the equipment set up positively, yet comments indicated that 50% of the participants felt insecure about the equipment set up. Tha suggests that complicated equipment set up may be problematic, since these were mostly experienced participants or research staff.

Contact for more information: Judy Kopun or Chris Stecker

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