Examples using fully online / browser-based platforms

Basic Auditory Skills Evaluation (BASE) Battery

Questions of Interest:

To provide means for a comprehensive online assessment of a broad range of auditory abilities in cochlear implant users.

Platform / Infrastructure:

Tests were developed with iSrping e-authoring tool and hosted on a custom built website.

Participant Recruiting:

Participants were older adults with normal hearing and experienced cochlear implant users who were tested by an audiologist in the laboratory or self-tested at home.


There are 17 tests in BASE battery. Each test takes about 5 minutes to complete. The tests are administered at a comfortable listening level adjusted in the beginning of each test. The tests in the battery evaluate spectro-temporal processing, environmental sound and speech perception, speaker gender and emotion identification, speech intelligibility and comprehension in quiet and in noise. All tests are available at http://basebattery.org

Conclusions / Impressions:

Initial results indicate comparable performance between cochlear implant users who tested in the lab with an audiologist and those who self-tested at home following online instructions. The results are reported in Shafiro, V., Hebb, M., Walker, C., Hsiao, Y., Brown, K., Sheft, S., Li, Y., Vasil, K., Moberly, A., (2020). Development of the Basic Auditory Skills Evaluation (BASE) battery for online testing of cochlear implant listeners. American Journal of Audiology. https://pubs.asha.org/doi/10.1044/2020_AJA-19-00083