Committee on Psychological and Physiological Acoustics

Purpose: To serve as the main channel of communication between members active in Psychological and Physiological Acoustics and the Executive Council of the Society. Under the direction of the Chair, the Technical Committee is responsible for organizing technical sessions, special sessions, and symposia for Society meetings, informing the membership of new developments and problems that might concern them and developing solutions, and providing a forum for informal discussion of issues of interest to the membership.

Membership: The Technical Committee has ~18 members who serve three-year terms and a Chair who serves a four-year term and is elected by the elected TC members. Each year after the Spring meeting, six members end their terms and are replaced by six new members. The election of new members is held at the open meeting of the Technical Committee at the Spring ASA meeting. The outgoing members prepare the ballot. ASA members interested in serving on the Technical Committee are encouraged to contact the Chair.

Term 2016 – 2019
Huanping Dai
Karen Helfer
Pamela Souza
Elizabeth Strickland
Sarah Verhulst
Matthew Winn
Term 2017 – 2020
Joshua Bernstein
Emily Buss
Hari Bharadwaj
Monita Chatterjee
Ross Maddox
Christopher Shera
Christian Stilp
Term 2018 – 2021
Michael Akeroyd
Anna Diedesch
Richard Freyman
Antje Ihlefeld
Alan Kan
Elin Roverud
2019-2022 (term starts after Louisville)
Douglas Brungart
David Eddins
Ruth Litovsky
Virginia Richards
G. Christopher Stecker
Kelly Whiteford
2020-2023 (term starts after Chicago)
Magdalena Wojtczak
Pavel Zahorik
Yi Shen
Erol Ozmeral
Jungmee Lee
Deniz Baskent
PPTC Members Serving ASA
Peggy Nelson: Vice-President Elect; Women in Acoustics; Meetings
Brian C.J. Moore: Executive Council
Marjorie Leek: Membership (Chair, outgoing)
Elizabeth Strickland: Membership (Chair, incoming)
Judy Dubno: Investments; Acoustical Foundation; Rules and Governance
William Hartmann: Rules and Governance (Chair); Investments; Public Policy
Adam Svec: Education in Acoustics
Jennifer Lentz: Archives and History
Anna Diedesch: Women in Acoustics
Elin Roverud:  Education in Acoustics: Women in Acoustics
Frederick Gallun: Publication Policy; Ethics and Grievances (Chair)
Lynne Werner: Strategic Task Force 1
Adrian KC Lee: Strategic Task Force 3 (Chief Enthusiast); Education in Acoustics; Committee on International Liaison
G. Christopher Stecker: ASA Books
Barbara Shinn-Cunningham: Finance
Pavel Zahorik: Meetings
William Yost: Public Policy
Karen Helfer: Prizes and Special Fellowships
Evelyn Hoglund: Regional and Student Chapters Committee (Co-Chair); Task Force 2
Sandra Guzman: Task Force 2
Benjamin Munson: Education

Ex officio:
Lori Leibold member of Membership Committee
Andrew Oxenham, member of the Medals and Awards Committee
Daniel Guest, member of Student Council
Skyler Jennings, member of ASACOS

Please email Erick Gallun with any changes or additions.
Previous TC Committee Members